PetAg 50061 Natural Chips 32oz Vinyl/Decal


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Manufacturer Part Number: 50061

  • Rawhide Brand Chews are completely natural without chemicals, preservatives or bleaches like other chews.
  • Rawhide Brand Chews are made from natural grass fed beef hides.
  • Patented Round Safety-Knot bone design slows down the chewing process resulting in long-lasting chewing pleasure.
  • Patented Marinade process evenly distributes flavor throughout the chew and does not come off on the dog or carpet.
  • All other rawhide chew products in the market place are basted which is merely a sticky, messy surface coating.
  • Patented Application of Glucosamine and other nutriceuticals put rawhide in the hotter than hot functional chew category.
  • Attractive educational packaging helps draw attention to the ergonomic product design a.. Rawhide Brand Chews come in a variety of marinade flavors such as Beef, Chicken, Dental Mint, and an infusion of Glucosamine for hip and joint health.
  • Economical pricing and high value as well as the attributes listed above.