PetAg 99804 Nurser Counter Display, 4 oz.


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Manufacturer Part Number: 99804

2 oz. Nursing Bottles are durable plastic bottles made to withstand repeated use and sterilization. Nipples come with no holes for custom control flow of formula. Graduated bottles aid in accurate feeding. Designed by vets with natural feeding action.

  • Before use make a hole in the nipple using one of the following methods
    • Cross cut nipple with razor blade
    • Using a strong needle or cuticle scissors, enter and exit the tip of the nipple as you were making a very small stitch or snip, pull the needle out removing a small piece of the nipple

  • Check flow with water. A steady drip or thin stream should be achieved when a slight pressure is applied to the nipple
  • If one or more of the animals is ill, use a different bottle or feed ill animal last
  • Wash bottle, cap and nipple with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly after each feeding session
  • If animal is too small or weak to nurse, feed with a syringe or eye dropper until the animal is capable of nursing from a bottle